RFI – GIS Catasto

Integration of geographical and administrative accounting data in a single platform to monitor and manage real-estate assets on map

RFI, the company responsible for the Italian railroad network, relies on the combined representation of reports and thematic maps provided by GIS Catasto platform in order to immediately consult summary information about the spatial distribution of assets and their intended usage, identify the need to check data, evaluate dismantling scenarios and intercompany transfers. The system integrates and relates geographical (GIS and cadastral maps) and administrative accounting data (from In.Rete platform), thus resulting in a correlation between the geographical and the alphanumeric view of assets. Furthermore, the system provides different thematic layers, such as: railroad network, cadastral parcels, administrative boundaries and satellite maps, which can be overlapped according to the activity to carry out. The specific editing, report and visualization functions allow to perform various tasks, such as the alignment between urban and railroad cadasters, the analysis, rationalization and classification of properties according to their usage, and support of business strategies.

Key elements

  • Combination of SOA model and Geodatabase to centralize the management of information
  • Associated information thanks to metadata
  • Easier and immediate updates
  • Safer data sharing