Streamlined planning, scheduling, and dispatching on water supply networks

Veritas is one of the largest multiutility companies in Italy by size and revenue. It provides urban hygiene and integrated water services and produces energy from renewable sources.

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Digitalization of planning, scheduling and dispatching of all the activities on water supply networks

Veritas required a Field Service Management system in order to plan, schedule and dispatch all the activities that have to be performed on gauges and water meters, as well as maintenance and emergency operations on water supply networks. The aim of our customer is to entirely digitalize these processes, thus eliminating any form of paper support.


Geocall enables Veritas to successfully manage and assign work orders to field technicians

Geocall, the product chosen by Veritas in its standard configuration, relies on a backend component and on a mobile app. Backend side, Geocall allows our customer to manage and manually assign to field technicians all those Work Orders that are imported in the system through the integration with SAP. The Daily and the Weekly Plan of Geocall enable the planning of all the activities to perform, as well as the display, the analysis and, eventually, the modification of any technician’s workload, even on multiple time frames.

On the other hand, the Geocall mobile app, which is accessible on any smartphone or tablet device, allows frontline workers to take in charge Work Orders and to visualize all their related information. In further details, in order to meet our customer’s requirements, we provided dedicated cards and mobile forms, which allow to streamline, even offline, data collection processes and the debriefing of all the spare parts and the materials that have been used to successfully complete maintenance activities.

Furthermore, through the Geocall mobile app, it is possible to provide field technicians with multimedia contents, technical sheets, detailed pictures and videos, as an effective tool to support operations’ performance.


Thanks to Geocall, Veritas improved the execution of field activities that now are faster and standardized

Digitalization of all those processes related to the management of activities and resources, thus eliminating any form of paper support

Improved support to the execution of field activities

Streamlined and faster Work Orders’ debriefing process

Standardization of all the information collected on field thanks to dedicated checklists and mobile forms