Benefits resulting from the integration of Geocall with GIS systems

The majority of companies choosing to implement a Field Service Management System, either rely already or will rely in the future on a Geographic Information System.

Geocall has been developed to integrate natively with the main GIS platforms available on the market, thus allowing both internal users and field operators to make the most of the features for the display of georeferenced information.

The integration of Geocall with the GIS systems results into a mutual exchange on georeferenced information, concerning plants, networks, infrastructures, real-time positions of the technicians and of the interventions to be carried out, thus ensuring the best possible scheduling of activities and corresponding assignment of resources.

A highly innovative feature presented by Geocall is the display of all georeferenced information in Augmented Reality mode, thus supporting field operators while carrying out the tasks at hand.

Geocall integrates with the majority of the GIS-related technologies available on the market, both proprietary and open source.