Sophisticated and innovative functionalities for work safety

Thanks to its dedicated Safety Monitoring features, Geocall allows to manage the safety of those field workers who are potentially exposed to risks while performing their tasks or displacing from one activity to the other.

The system relies on three components:

  • Smartphone/tablet, to record the activities performed by a given resource: attendance, clocking in/out, position (through GPS localization) and confirm the health status;
  • Smartwatch, to measure the operator's vital signs through heart rate and accelerometer sensors, effectively keep health conditions monitored in the event that abnormal parameters are detected, notify such anomalies to the control center and guide the user to a safe place in case of emergency;
  • Server, to monitor the health conditions of field resources, receive warnings and alerts from mobile and define the workflow to manage alerts.

The three components outlined act in synergy, thus allowing to:

  • Manage the automatic or manual/voluntary activation of the functionality for monitoring a specific resource;
  • Automatically detect potential anomalies affecting the status of a resource based on given events and conditions monitored through the mobile application and the wearable device;
  • Enable the field resource to voluntarily notify a help request or to cancel an automatic alert;
  • Monitor from the central application the status of field resources in real time, relying on alphanumeric, graphic and cartographic data;
  • Control the procedures for the management of an alert condition, thanks to a structured workflow. The user is guided and monitored while completing a set of previously defined steps.

Upon customer’s requirement, all Safety Monitoring features can be fully configured, such as the operating resources involved in safety monitoring, the monitoring centers, the users in charge of alarms’ management, the events to be monitored (thresholds for evaluating parameters, time frames for the countdown/silencing of alerts, manual or automatic activation of monitoring sessions, etc.).