Geocall Service is the template designed to make companies succeed in managing and providing service and technical support on field.

With Geocall Service at their side, service organizations can optimize field assistance delivery (on home appliances, consumer products, to retailers, warranty or post-warranty, …), dispatching and tracking, arming in-house staff and the outsourced workforce with powerful mobile tools.


Holistic view of the customers;

Scheduling and optimization;

Management of contracts;

Performance monitoring tools;

Advanced UX with the cross-platform Geocall mobile App;

Management of shifts and off-hours interventions;

Management of contract-based services, warranty and post warranty;

Management of the intervention reports and invoicing;

Seamless integration with company systems;

On-site upselling of warranty extensions or materials;

Augmented Reality and Virtual Collaboration capabilities to consult technical information and guide field techs through resolution procedures.

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Great efficiency, unmatched customer satisfaction & loyalty, as well as new sources of revenue, are the main proven benefits of customers adopting and implementing Geocall Service around the globe.

OverIT’s solutions are adopted by industry leaders delivering first-class Field Service to their clients

Hundreds of enterprises across the world have chosen OverIT to forge their path to success and improve financial performance

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