Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to support on-field execution

The world’s first collaboration product combining Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence

SPACE1 enables frontline workers in field service, oil and gas, energy, utility, manufacturing, and rail to carry out their jobs quicker, easier, and with fewer errors, even when working remotely. Powered by state-of-the-art AR, Knowledge Management features and AI, SPACE1 enables organizations with a fully collaborative solution to present any product, train staff, troubleshoot and rapidly resolve, in safety conditions, any task.

Worker Assistant

Innovative features aimed at assisting and supporting frontline workers, by suggesting “best-fit” solutions and leveraging the introduction of Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Moreover, it automates the WO debriefing process thanks to IoT data capture and Computer Vision AI.

End user remote intervention

Dedicated support to end customers for remotely managing quotations, pre-assessments, and troubleshooting, thus ensuring employees and customers’ safety, while granting service continuity and increasing savings. This feature is user-friendly utilizing SMS and Email to initiate calls between the employees and customers.

Automatic debriefing

AI-driven content extraction for the correct and complete finalization of WO’s and/or procedures. SPACE1 provides automatic collection of information, thanks to the voice dictation features, automatic data capturing (photo, text, video, Mobile forms) and the real-time retrieving of IoT data.

Advanced collaboration

State-of-the-art collaboration features to enable team members to drive first-time-fix rates and boost productivity, allowing the sharing of multimedia content in real-time, 3D stick-to-where-placed annotations, for better supporting end customers with inquiries simply and quickly.

Knowledge Management Powered by AI

By leveraging the integration with Artificial Intelligence, users are equipped with all the necessary tools to “capture” their experiences, which are then processed by powerful AI algorithms and shared within the organization to create a shared and reusable knowledge base, through a fully automatic process.

Extended Maintenance

Augmented Reality combined with Artificial Intelligence to accelerate maintenance tasks by allowing crews to efficiently conduct the component inspection, saving time and money, while enabling faster onboarding and training of technicians

It provides augmented work instructions and collaboration features, to help close the skills gap, reduce errors, and for a rapid resolution of mission-critical operations. Efficient authoring of Augmented Reality work instructions, to enable workers to follow checklists, capture data and debrief vocally. Executed on mobile devices or smart glasses, this feature ensures reduce errors, and improve productivity.

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Augmented, Mixed & Virtual Reality game-changing solution to enhance Training and learning

SPACE1 Extended Training introduces a whole new perspective in training, both in-person and remotely, thus ensuring quick filling of any expertise gap and the proper transfer of knowledge. Training of inexperienced staff is faster and easier, to carry out as a result of digital collaborative learning. A solution that supports knowledge retention as well as training. Specialized skills and expertise are transferred to the entire organization for shared and proactive use.

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Augmented, Mixed & Virtual Reality for collaboration, and presentations of products and services

SPACE1 Extended Presentation expands the concept of collaboration, allowing organizations to engage with clients remotely, share in real-time any content and information, to get the presentation right in the early stages. End-user remote inspections just got a whole lot easier with a user-friendly process where an expert or presenter can invite guests by sharing a link via SMS or email, and the invited user joins the session directly through that link. The remote collaboration features help better support end customers and engage with suppliers anywhere and anytime.

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SPACE1 Augmented Collaboration – Boosting Enterprise performance
Improving first-time-fix rate even remotely
Increasing on-field technicians’productivity
Cutting down on time and effort to prepare collaborative training sessions
Empowering frontline workers with advanced collaboration tools
ENEL – Remote quality checks and inspections on suppliers’ materials
Every year, Enel carries out several tests on materials in more than 700 plants with the aim of ensuring high-quality standards. In order to enhance the efficiency while performing and monitoring inspection activities, Enel chose to deploy SPACE1, since it allows to perform remote quality checks on materials by relying on Augmented Reality.
Enel Cusotmer success story
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