We streamline Field Service Management operations of industry-leading companies through state of the art solutions, to increase their productivity, efficiency and safety. We bring the best FSM capabilities -such as Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality- to energy generation, transportation and distribution companies, aiming at maximizing ROI on linear assets, facilities and service teams.

Improved efficiency of field activities as a result of transfers optimization and a better saturation of daily schedules

Reduced costs and increased productivity

Less time spent on WOs debriefing

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Improved quality of the operations and services offered

Full compliance with the client’s SLAs

Advanced subcontractors management

Improved support of on-field technicians, thanks to advanced collaboration tools

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For decades, our company has been internationally recognized for leadership, vision and product innovation. We pioneered the mobilization of Field Service, starting from paperless modalities, through the use of applications in off-line mode, to the achievement of the so-called Field Service revolution.

Our goal is clear: to simplify the operating procedures for field technicians.
Geocall 9 heralds the dawn of a new era, where information can be accessed at any time through voice commands, allowing hands-free operations and therefore a greater focus on operating processes.

This results in enhanced safety at work and increased performance, with considerable advantages in terms of rapid and accurate task-execution as well as reduced time for collecting the information required and debriefing the operations performed.

Geocall 9, proven to support and streamline complex and risk-sensitive field activities