Nuove Acque – Safety Project

Monitoring of field operators and emergency management through advanced wearable sensors

Our customer Nuove Acque, responsible for the integrated water management in the Alto Valdarno area in Tuscany (in the provinces of Arezzo and in part of that of Siena), relies on the Safety features of  Geocall to monitor field operators’ health and prevent workplace accidents.
Smartwatches and smartphones, provided to field resources, detect vital signs through GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer and heart rate monitor as well as check both the lack of network coverage and the missed clock-out of operators. Should the vital signs exceed certain thresholds values, or should the operator manually report an emergency, alarms are triggered and can be therefore promptly managed.
In case of alarm, a workflow-based process to manage emergencies is activated. Basing on the company’s organizational chart, it firstly tries to call the resource in a potential dangerous situation. If there is no reply, the resource’s responsible is then called and, should this attempt fail as well, a rescue team is finally sent.

Key elements

  • Prevention of workplace accidents
  • Tracking of field resources transfers
  • Quick response in case of emergency
  • Usage of the new Android Wear operating system for wearable devices
  • Usage of advanced wearable sensors