Nice – Mixed Reality Virtual Training

Thanks to SPACE1, technicians around the world can be trained from remote. A mentor shows how operations are to be executed in a virtual room, relying on 3D models and multimedia content, interacting and collaborating in real time with users.

Business challenge

An international standard setter in the automation field, Nice designs and crafts a wide range of domotics products and solutions that help create a complete system for managing any space, based on an integrated approach. The customer provides hundreds of training sessions to technicians, both in dedicated training rooms and across the globe. Mentors and machinery are constantly shifted from location to location, which is time-consuming and costly.


SPACE1 connects the mentor and the technicians to be trained in real-time, leveraging the potential of Mixed Reality. Relying on Microsoft HoloLens, the mentor can provide instructions and training in a “virtual room” where virtual machinery is displayed and interacted with. Multimedia content can be visualized and the attendees can actively participate in the virtual class, as if they were in the same physical room.


  • Simultaneous interaction between local and remote users, as if they were in the same physical room
  • Training and content management through the remote Mixed Reality platform, thus eliminating the need to displace technicians and tools
  • Increased time-efficiency and performance
  • Technical details of the components always at the users’ fingertips
  • 3D objects perceived as if they were real
  • Multi-language support