Autostrade per l’Italia – Monitoring of quality standards, facilities and operations

The survey feature provided by Geocall will support the inspection processes, the management of anomalies and the operational tests concerning assets and facilities

Autostrade per l’Italia has introduced three solutions based on the survey features made available by Geocall, which provide a set of mobile data collection forms to be compiled on field: Monitoring of quality standards, supports the management of the control activities regarding anomalies and the monitoring of the quality standards along the entire highway network, by relying on dedicated anomaly-forms to be compiled on field during the controls; Inspection of facilities, is addressed to the operational processes concerning the inspection of buildings and company assets, thus allowing to report and manage the anomalies detected on field through dedicated inspection reports; Operational tests, supports the processes regarding the management of different types of forms compiled on field, possibly attaching multimedia information, as well.

Key elements

  • Standardization of data collection activities on field
  • Enhanced operational efficiency as a result of the mobile surveys available
  • Hands-free compiling of data collection forms (speech-to-text)
  • Accurate detailed reports thanks to the pics, audio files and notes to be possibly attached