Geocall Mobile to empower service technicians

A worldwide leading food & beverage company has selected our Geocall Mobile module to automate and optimize technical service and mobilize the field force

Business challenge

Our customer needed a technician enablement solution aimed at enhancing its customer service and at achieving three main goals: automate the process for taking in charge a service order, digitize the service order debrief procedure and streamline back-office verifications, to ensure data correctness and consistency.


Thanks to OverIT’s Geocall Mobile, service technicians can now take in charge, complete and debrief service orders through their mobile device, with the aid of a cross-platform, scalable and extensible application, which can easily fit the localization requirements of the company’s branches in the USA, Australia, Italy, France, Austria and Germany.
Our solution optimizes technicians’ operations, providing them with the mobile tools to automate the receipt of service orders requests, the management of anomalies, as well as the service order debrief process.


Geocall Mobile has allowed our customer to fully mobilize and automate the take in charge, execution and debrief of service orders, thus making technical assistance more efficient.
Customer service and satisfaction have also improved, thanks to the significant time reduction in the performance of activities and the capabilities for managing anomalies while on field, resulting in a quicker resolution of service interventions.
In addition, the customer’s back-office benefits from our solution, as well: the data flow regarding the outcomes of the service tasks performed, the spare parts used and the costs incurred is completely codified and streamlined, thus speeding up cross-checks between reports and billings.