Geocall Plant is the template for the organization, optimization and mobilization of maintenance activities to be carried out within factories and manufacturing plants


Display of the plant’s layout in 3D to graphically represent the machinery, and the equipment to be maintained as well as the tasks required, highlighted by type and priority;

Management of “Emergency Work Orders”: preconfigured forms used for entering the 5Ws related to a given emergency, to better understand its background and rely on dependable plant failure statistics to derive a more realistic scenario of breakdowns and head them off before they even occur;

Virtual Collaboration and resolution procedures, with AR, MR, VR contents, thanks to SPACE1;

Autonomous maintenance” to define a checklist of the controls needed (according to the “5S” competitive guidelines set forth by Lean Enterprise Partners), and create a report aimed at the agile planning of maintenance activities;

Independent management of the working day for the technician, according to the directions given by the supervisor, the priority of activities, and the anomaly warnings received;

Packaged integrations with external third-party systems such as ERPs, EAMs, IoT.

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Geocall Plant helps manufacturers and engineers to improve shop floor maintenance by:

Maximizing plant floor asset lifecycle, performance and use

Predicting and preventing equipment breakdowns before failure or severe damage occurs

Reducing time and costs for labor and downtimes due to maintenance

Optimizing the scheduling of maintenance activities and resources

Optimizing production processes and improving efficiency

Automatically assigning spare parts and materials

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Gnutti – Geocall Plant

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