Geocall’s template for E&U brings the best of Geocall to energy generation, transportation and distribution companies. It has been designed to optimize the field force and high-volume scheduling, manage service delivery, track assets and monitor machines, plants and distribution lines throughout the territory.

Leveraging over 20 years of proven industry expertise, Geocall provides a set of pre-built packaged verticalizations for Utilities.

World-class analysts recognize OverIT as a leader in maximizing customer service and supporting Utilities personnel in their asset-related activities.


Commercial services management:

Meter management, replacement and deployment, roll-out campaigns;

Integration with “Distribution Portals”;

Compliance with Authorities and Regulations.

Linear assets and plants management:

Preventive maintenance management;

Field inspections;

Emergencies and corrective tasks;

Gas, water and electrical leaks detection;

Network design & creation processes thanks to deep GIS integration;

Anomalies reporting and management;

Damage assessment;

Plant facilities inspections and maintenance;

Long-cycle construction works.

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Maximize your ROI on linear assets, facilities and service teams

Improved efficiency of field activities as a results of the optimization of transfers and the better saturation of daily schedules

Reduced costs and increased productivity

Less time spent on WOs debriefing

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Improved quality of the operations and services offered

Full compliance with the client’s SLAs

Advanced subcontractors management

Real-time monitoring of the progress of works

OverIT’s solutions are adopted by industry leaders delivering first-class Field Service to their clients

Hundreds of enterprises across the world have chosen OverIT to forge their path to success and improve financial performance

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