Industrial Manufacturing

Optimization and mobilization of maintenance activities

An increasing number of companies is forced to remotely manage inspections, maintenance, repairs and trainings, facing distances, mobility restrictions, need for collaboration, complexity of assets, inability to organize on-site activities and meetings, as well as the need to transfer know-how and knowledge.

In this context, we are able to provide the best support in all phases in which the organization and execution of inspection and maintenance activities on machinery within plants and production facilities are essential. As a result, our customers can ensure high standards of product quality controls, optimize after-sales and maximize customer service.

Maximization of the plant life cycle, efficiency and use

Prediction of machinery breakdowns to prevent malfunctions or serious damages

Reduction of times and manpower costs as well as downtimes due to maintenance interventions

Preventive and corrective maintenance management

Organization of FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)

Optimization of the production processes and efficiency enhancement

Optimization of the scheduling of maintenance activities and resources

Assignment of spare parts and materials

Fulfilment of a timely customer service

Remote collaboration among experienced engineers, field technicians or contractors and end clients

Integration with factory, EAM, indoor GIS, ERP and IoT systems

Use of technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality, combined with Artificial Intelligence

Digital Work Instructions

Knowledge Management