Our solution for Mobile Workforce Management

Geocall WFM Mobile is the Mobile application of Geocall WFM used by operators and teams for efficiently performing their activities on-field.

It is an innovative cross-platform solution for smartphones and tablets, available on the major Operating Systems on the market, such as iOS, Android and Windows. Its versatility ensures the client maximum flexibility in terms of choice of hardware and Operating System.

Geocall WFM Mobile is a solution designed to work both online and offline, in order to make sure that resources are able to execute and report their activities, even under difficult conditions and when connection is unavailable for long periods of time.

When developing Geocall WFM Mobile, particular attention has been paid to User Experience. The goal is to offer an intuitive solution easily accessible by all users, regardless their computer skills.

The main features included in Geocall WFM Mobile are:

  • Management of the Agenda of activities, with useful detailed information for the execution of works
  • Consultation of the Daily Plan and manual take in charge of the interventions available on the list of Work Orders
  • Management and consultation of data on map, with the possibility to view works and technical objects where interventions are to be performed
  • Road navigation, off-road navigation and 3D indoor navigation tools in case of complex plants
  • Registration of assets thanks to georeferencing and geographical editing
  • Complete management of the detailed reporting of activities
  • Management of multimedia information supporting technical activities and detailed reporting
  • Management of the use of materials and spare parts and management of warranties with potential product sales
  • Management of the start and end of work shifts, breaks and unavailability of resources
  • Integration of external devices such as barcode readers, printers, RFID readers and sensors

With the goal of redefining the work of field resources using technology and to improve their operations, especially when they need to have their hands free, Augmented Reality has been introduced in Geocall WFM Mobile, made available with Geocall AR.