All-inclusive Field Service solution

Geocall is the ideal product for companies aiming at an optimal management of Field Service activities: maintenance, technical assistance and emergency service, carried out by both internal and external resources.

A key feature of Geocall is its being a turnkey solution, with no need for further configurations, thus considerably reducing the time for the go-live of projects.

The know-how and experience achieved by OverIT in the design and creation of complex Field service projects, implemented worldwide for a number of operators ranging between 50 and 50,000 units, is already available in the basic module of the Geocall product.

Basic Module

It includes all the functionalities allowing to configure the basic parameters of Geocall such as resources, assets and services, as well as, to import and create Work Orders, to assign activities to the right resource or team, and to control and monitor such activities. It is always possible to make changes in the operating parameters of Geocall, thus allowing a high level of customization.

In addition to the Basic Module, Geocall includes other modules covering specific functionalities:

Geographic Information System

The GIS module provides the cartographic components supporting the processes related to the management of activities of field resources. In Geocall, any information is available on map and the GIS features are also available on mobile. Geocall presents native integration with the reference technologies on the GIS market, such as Open Source technologies and proprietary technologies like Esri, Bentley MicroStation, GoogleMaps, Microsoft BingMaps and Intergraph.


The module is dedicated to the management of urgent service requests. Each warning is managed and sorted according to parametric criteria of security, efficiency and availability of field resources, in order to take the request in charge in the shortest time possible. The application can work with the presence of a Control Center with dedicated operators and in fully automatic mode.

Automatic Scheduling

The powerful Scheduling tool, relying on sophisticated and innovative algorithms, allows to manage the planning and scheduling of activities, its purpose being the optimization of processes and resources operating field. The scheduling module also offers a range of simulation features, useful for developing models and finding the most suitable configuration for the needs of each company.

Mobile App

Powerful Mobile App aimed at supporting field operators. Through a mobile device, such as smartphone, tablet or smartwatch, field technicians receive the Work Orders to be carried out, together with useful information for the execution of activities. Moreover, technicians are able to manage activities ranging from the take in charge of orders to the detailed reporting of interventions, to use road navigation tools and to manage multimedia contents. The Mobile App is designed to work both online and offline, in order to ensure the complete execution of activities, even when connection is unavailable.


The module manages the Agenda of appointments with customers, automatically providing an optimized appointment in real time, in compliance with the Service Level Agreements defined. The Booking allows to manage service requests coming from both Geocall and external CRM, ERP or Service Desk systems.

Augmented, Mixed, Virtual Reality

The innovative Space 1 product is aimed at rethinking, under a technological perspective, the activities assigned to field technicians. Thanks to a mobile or head-mounted device, the operators can automatically detect plants, networks and assets, view hidden or underground components, receive information on the activities to carry out and share their focus range in real time with office, for guided support.