Geocall is available for different application areas with specific functionalities


It provides specific functionalities designed for electricity, gas and water providers. It covers the management of: customer service activities, technical information for the distribution network, safety and warning protocols, in addiction to emergency service order.


It provides innovative features developed for maintenance activities within manufacturing plants. It allows to manage the typical operations of a manufacturing plant, such as: assignment of planned, un-planned, and emergency interventions on machine-assets downtime, management of plant securing phases and protocols, and asset visualization through di Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality​ with technical data available for consultation by maintenance technicians.


It manages and provides accountability for technical maintenance services on-field, in-house and/or outsourced, including warranty and technical data information on demand to the technician. Additional features available for customization enabling the technician up-selling capabilities for services and/or products.


It offers specific functionalities for the management and optimization of deliveries in real time, the tracking of goods and materials, and the geolocalization of vehicles. This solution allows companies to reduce the time of transfers and the mileage, while enhancing the efficiency of resources.


Support to the management of interventions for processes regarding Assurance, Delivery and activities to extend the network vertically and horizontally: integration with external systems to receive the warnings and with the inventory asset system of the network, management of the rolling-out of the network, workflow to manage the authorization steps, assignment of works to subcontractors, reporting of activities and diagnosis to verify the correct network’s working from the mobile application.