Complete and optimized management of technical activities on field

Geocall is an innovative and fully parametric software platform providing a wide range of vertical modules relying on cutting-edge functional and technological contents.

Geocall benefits from OverIT’s experience in designing and creating applications aimed at supporting field activities of technicians and maintenance staff for major international companies, and includes all the expertise in planning, scheduling, mobility and GIS integration achieved in over 20 years of projects.

The solution includes a set of features allowing to support the companies that need to manage teams and vehicles on field, coordinating and monitoring all activities planned, optimizing the work and ensuring full compliance to Service Level Agreements. The Geocall suite is constantly evolving, keeping up with the latest digital and Mobile technologies, such as wearables and Augmented, Mixed e Virtual Reality.

The Geocall software can be deployed either on Cloud or on-premises, in order to meet the demands of the customers that need to have it installed within their personal hardware.