Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality


Geocall WFM has always featured innovative content, and over the years it has constantly tried to anticipate the needs of the market and clients, relying on the latest technologies.

Therefore, OverIT has introduced Augmented Reality technology in Geocall WFM, integrated with the Mobile component, aimed at redefining the work of field resources using technology.

Augmented Reality allows to enhance the perception of the context in which the user operates, combining real vision with virtual information automatically generated by the solution.

Relying on a mobile or head-mounted device using Augmented Reality, operators involved in the maintenance process are allowed to:

  • View hidden or underground components and plants
  • Automatically detect plants, objects, networks and assets
  • Receive information on the activities to be carried out
  • Manage maintenance activities through interactive and guided procedures
  • Manage and consult manuals and technical sheets
  • Simulate the effects of the operations performed
  • Share the point of view with back-office users in real-time, in order to receive guided support from remote