Geocall WFM 8.2 enhanced with new features

Further improved scheduling, integration, user interface and infrastructure.

July 10th, 2017 – The constant investments in research & development have given Geocall WFM a further boost in efficiency and performance, improving its ability to meet the different needs of the Field Service market and of customers.

Release 8.2 provides new scheduling features and standard integrations, enhancing the user experience and its basic infrastructure as well.

More specifically, the innovations introduced in this latest release include:

  • New features for the scheduling module
  • Use of different traffic and speed profiles that rely on historical data
  • Evolutions in the management of work assignment to external resources/providers
  • Management of teams that considers points of departure and points of arrival of operators
  • Possibility to redefine teams during the shift or the work day
  • Possibility to plan activities in small areas and with a particularly high number of teams on field (for example, the case of massive campaigns in metropolitan areas)
  • Standard integration with Esri Mobile SDK
  • Standard integration of the Augmented Reality module with Esri ArcGIS
  • Enhanced user interface and user experience
  • Improved infrastructure so that Cloud performance is increased
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