The first Italian company in software and IT services

OverIT is part of Engineering, the first Italian company in software and IT services, among the first 10 ICT European groups, employing more than 9,000 professionals and about 3,100 external resources and having 50 branches in Italy and abroad.

In the group, OverIT serves as reference point as far as Field, Mobile, GIS and innovative solutions are concerned in the target markets. The Engineering Group’s mission is to develop innovative IT, combining the chances given by a complete and integrated offer, including consulting, business integration, infrastructural outsourcing and Cloud services, as well as baskets of customized proprietary solutions for vertical markets.

Engineering promotes change management in organizations in partnership with its clients, relying on a complete set of technological, process and business competences, thus turning the company into an exclusive integrator and outsourcer.

Engineering’s domestic market share amounts to 9%, and 11% of the revenues come from the foreign market, thanks to the strengthening of activities in the EMEA area and in South America.

Flexible approach, pursuing maximum efficiency, supporting clients, sharing the ultimate targets, valuing and constantly training internal human resources, are basic assets in the value proposition of the Group.