FS Holding – Management of furniture items

Management of inventory, sales, disposal and purchase of movables through the mobile application

FS Holding, a group which includes the companies managing the Italian railway network, makes the most of the advantages provided by a mobile application which enables to register the physical assets and the furniture items within its premises. The solution, optimized for Android tablets, is integrated with SAP to update assets in real time and thus provide a reliable and actual overview of their conditions. By relying on the Geocall functionalities, the application allows to easily perform activities concerning inventory, sales, disposal and purchase of movables in the customer’s premises. Through their mobile devices, users scan the assets barcodes, enter their features and notify possible displacements to other rooms. Furthermore, they can edit obsolete or incorrect data as well as consult and add photos and notes to the assets.

Key elements:

  • Simplified inventory activity
  • Accurate definition and localization of assets
  • Real-time alignment of data with SAP
  • Overview of the actual conditions of movables
  • Correct calculation of the asset value

2i Rete Gas – Workforce Management

Management of maintenance and technical management of intervention orders, concerning operations

Our 2i Rete Gas customer can rely on a set of features for acquiring from external systems the data regarding the plant’s structure and the activities to be carried out, which are then integrated into Geocall for the management of emergency procedures, of planned and extraordinary maintenance, of the activities to be carried out at the customer’s and of the booking processes related to the agenda. Furthermore, the application allows to manage both the inspections within the working sites and the external companies, by using the mobile devices for assigning the activities to the field staff and to contractor companies. The technicians rely on the mobile feature for confirming their presence in the working site, taking the activity in charge and receiving the alerts regarding the use of the DPI required. The performance of activities can be certified either by compiling the data collection forms, or by the very customer through the graphometric signature.

Key elements:

  • Sole system for the management of the core functions regarding the operations
  • Strongly integrated with external systems
  • Easy interaction between mobile and measurement tools
  • Focus on work safety standards for operators

ABS – Transportation

Planning, optimization and tracking of the handling of tractor units, loading beds and material within the plant

ABS, leading company in the iron and steel industry, introduced Geocall to optimize and track transports and material handling. The solution offers specific functionalities in the logistics area and allows to plan the material handling optimizing the tractors’ movements, monitoring the workload and supporting handling between the production departments. Handlings are scheduled in accordance with the optimization times and transfers. Moreover, technicians are supported in their activities thanks to the tools installed in vehicles, allowing a real-time material tracking within the plant.

Key elements:

  • Material handling optimization
  • Improved efficiency thanks to the handling planning
  • Monitoring and prevention of critical situations
  • Simplification of the technicians’ work
  • Precise linking of handling costs to the related orders

ADWEA - Sharikaty Somaati Project

Management of field service activities on water and electricity supply networks

ADWEA is the government body responsible for supplying water and electricity in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates.
The Sharikaty Somaati project will help ADWEA to manage its Field Service, i.e. to generate, assign and coordinate maintenance activities performed by field technicians. The staff will therefore take advantage of Mobile features to carry out interventions and technical inspections of networks. The solution is integrated with the Augmented Reality module and will provide Esri maps. Furthermore, citizens will be able to report any irregularities via a Mobile App.

Key elements:

  • Preconfigured product
  • Quick project implementation (less than 3 months)
  • Cross-platform and user-friendly mobile GUI
  • Integration with Esri GIS

Autostrade per l'Italia - Monitoring of quality standards, facilities and operations

The survey feature provided by Geocall will support the inspection processes, the management of anomalies and the operational tests concerning assets and facilities

Autostrade per l’Italia has introduced three solutions based on the survey features made available by Geocall, which provide a set of mobile data collection forms to be compiled on field: Monitoring of quality standards, supports the management of the control activities regarding anomalies and the monitoring of the quality standards along the entire highway network, by relying on dedicated anomaly-forms to be compiled on field during the controls; Inspection of facilities, is addressed to the operational processes concerning the inspection of buildings and company assets, thus allowing to report and manage the anomalies detected on field through dedicated inspection reports; Operational tests, supports the processes regarding the management of different types of forms compiled on field, possibly attaching multimedia information, as well.

Key elements:

  • Standardization of data collection activities on field
  • Enhanced operational efficiency as a result of the mobile surveys available
  • Hands-free compiling of data collection forms (speech-to-text)
  • Accurate detailed reports thanks to the pics, audio files and notes to be possibly attached

Camuzzi - WFM Project

Management of maintenance, complaints and emergencies

Camuzzi Gas is active in the field of natural gas distribution. The company, which operates in Argentina, has chosen Geocall to manage its Field Service. Geocall is used to manage all processes of the commercial cycle such as: installation, checks, replacement and meters closing. Furthermore, our solution is used to manage complaints from customers and subsequent checks by technicians, as well as to handle emergency service and solve malfunctions, gas leaks and supply disruptions while indicating their emergency level. In addition to the integration with legacy systems, a digital signature management system is provided. It is integrated with TAG NFC and it allows to create authenticated PDF files.

Key elements:

  • Extensive knowledge of gas distribution processes
  • Long experience in LATAM
  • Quick project implementation

Cap Holding – Nemo Project

Management of commercial activities and maintenance on networks and plants entrusted to external companies

The CAP Group, which manages the integrated water service in the Metropolitan City of Milan, adopted the Geocall solution integrated to Salesforce and Oracle BI. The platform deals with the technical and administrative management of the business processes towards users and with the coordination of maintenance works on networks and plants, mainly entrusted to external companies.
Geocall allows to plan and schedule the activities, also by integrating the use of mobile devices for the management and the reporting of field activities. Furthermore, the application offers specific functionalities dedicated to external companies, for the full management of the suppliers charged with the plants maintenance, from the definition of contracts and the consolidation of the price list to the reporting of the activities performed and to the billing.

Key elements:

  • Digitalization and mobilization of the operational processes
  • Real-time monitoring of the progress of works and of the costs of activities
  • Full management of the external suppliers
  • Compliance to the SLA set out in the service and standard charter of AEEGSI authority

Culligan – Smart Service

Management and optimization of customer service activities supporting the technicians who operate where the equipment is installed

Culligan, leading company in the supply of water treatment solutions, uses Geocall to centralize, manage and optimize the planning and execution of all activities performed at the customers’ premises. The solution allows to automatize the planning of activities optimizing the transfers of the technicians, scheduling both the interventions and the appointments with the customer and managing vehicles and warehouses. The mobile component available in the tablet supports field technicians during the execution. They are therefore able to consult technical data, manuals and warehouse stock, calculate the intervention price and report on the activities.

Key elements:

  • Automation of back office activities
  • Control of operational activities
  • Reduction of transfer consumption
  • Possibility to report business opportunities direct from the field
  • KPI development of the assistance process

Endesa - eOrder Project

Management of customers relations and maintenance on electric grids in Spain and in the LATAM area

Endesa is the leading Utility provider in Spain, supplying electricity also to Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Chile. Endesa was looking for a solution to optimally acquire and manage technical and commercial Work Orders. Geocall has provided Endesa with the tools to manage teams and vehicles throughout the territory, handle emergencies, monitor the lifecycle of practices and alerts, coordinate activities and optimize tasks and travelling to and from the job sites.

Key elements:

  • 6,000 field technicians worldwide at fully capacity
  • Resources productivity increased by 30-50%
  • Standardized integration with legacy applications
  • Common framework and customizations available for each country
  • Mobile App: cross-platform component to constantly keep technicians in touch with the company

Gnutti Carlo Group – Geocall Plant

Maintenance management inside production plants

Gnutti Carlo Group introduced Geocall Plant to organize maintenance activities in three of its production plants (11 plants throughout the world in the future). The solution, which is accessible from computer booths, mobile devices and desktops, fully integrates with the systems in use (SAP PM, MM and WM) and provides many benefits both for the organization of the activities assigned to field technicians and for the management of the predictive maintenance.

Key elements:

  • Concept of autonomous maintenance based on the “5S competitive” guidelines
  • Agile Method applied to the planning of activities
  • Independent management of the technicians’ working day
  • EWO (Emergency Work Order) templates management for the collection of data about emergencies

KONE - Konect Mobile

Mobilization of trouble ticketing and elevators maintenance activities

KONE is a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry. The company needed a Mobile application to schedule and monitor the work of its technicians and to process statistical information. We provided technical managers with a mobile HTML5 application ideal for monitoring their maintenance activities. It has a user-friendly interface and it is designed to work even when connection is unavailable.

Key elements:

  • Global project involving 1,000 technical managers in more than 10 countries
  • Integrated with KONE’s back-end systems
  • Interface with the Remedy platform
  • Mobile App optimized for Android and suitable for tablets

Nuove Acque – Safety Project

Monitoring of field operators and emergency management through advanced wearable sensors

Our customer Nuove Acque, responsible for the integrated water management in the Alto Valdarno area in Tuscany (in the provinces of Arezzo and in part of that of Siena), relies on the Safety features of  Geocall to monitor field operators’ health and prevent workplace accidents.
Smartwatches and smartphones, provided to field resources, detect vital signs through GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer and heart rate monitor as well as check both the lack of network coverage and the missed clock-out of operators. Should the vital signs exceed certain thresholds values, or should the operator manually report an emergency, alarms are triggered and can be therefore promptly managed.
In case of alarm, a workflow-based process to manage emergencies is activated. Basing on the company’s organizational chart, it firstly tries to call the resource in a potential dangerous situation. If there is no reply, the resource’s responsible is then called and, should this attempt fail as well, a rescue team is finally sent.

Key elements:

  • Prevention of workplace accidents
  • Tracking of field resources transfers
  • Quick response in case of emergency
  • Usage of the new Android Wear operating system for wearable devices
  • Usage of advanced wearable sensors

Open Fiber – SmartHub

Assignment of interventions on the network performed by external companies

Open Fiber, company supplying ultra-wideband optical fiber to more than 250 Italian cities, introduced Geocall to organize the activities of its external suppliers. The implemented solution, called “SmartHub”, allows to receive from the company systems, to which it is integrated, both the warnings of damages and anomalies and the customer’s requests of connection. Moreover, it allows to create the corresponding Work Orders adding useful documents to perform interventions.
Through a highly configurable booking engine, activities can be assigned in compliance with the contract availabilities of the external companies and SLAs thus creating an intervention calendar. As soon as the appointment for the intervention assigned to the company is arranged, SmartHub communicates with the Field Service Management systems of the companies. In this way, information is transferred immediately and companies can organize their resources.
Thanks to the Geocall Mobile App, the solution also gives the opportunity to report the work’s execution and perform diagnosis to verify the correct network’s working after having repaired it.

Key elements:

  • Highly configurable booking rule engine to assign activities to the companies
  • Representation of network information through Augmented Reality
  • Mobile cross-platform application for BYOD
  • Advanced user experience thanks to HTML5 technology

RFI - WFM Project

Management of maintenance activities on the Italian railway network

RFI – Rete Ferroviaria Italiana SpA is the company responsible for managing the Italian railway network. Geocall is the solution chosen by RFI to manage and organize all its maintenance activities on-field, from planned maintenance through the assignment of tasks to technicians via Mobile to the coordination of control centers. The Geocall Mobile App will be used by 10,000 technicians to manage inspections of assets and networks, meter readings, maintenance, availability of resources and emergencies.

Key elements:

  • 10,000 field technicians
  • First collaborative project
  • Integration with Esri GIS and other IT corporate systems
  • Cross-platform Mobile App

RFI – GIS Catasto

Integration of geographical and administrative accounting data in a single platform to monitor and manage real-estate assets on map

RFI, the company responsible for the Italian railroad network, relies on the combined representation of reports and thematic maps provided by GIS Catasto platform in order to immediately consult summary information about the spatial distribution of assets and their intended usage, identify the need to check data, evaluate dismantling scenarios and intercompany transfers. The system integrates and relates geographical (GIS and cadastral maps) and administrative accounting data (from In.Rete platform), thus resulting in a correlation between the geographical and the alphanumeric view of assets. Furthermore, the system provides different thematic layers, such as: railroad network, cadastral parcels, administrative boundaries and satellite maps, which can be overlapped according to the activity to carry out. The specific editing, report and visualization functions allow to perform various tasks, such as the alignment between urban and railroad cadasters, the analysis, rationalization and classification of properties according to their usage, and support of business strategies.

Key elements:

  • Combination of SOA model and Geodatabase to centralize the management of information
  • Associated information thanks to metadata
  • Easier and immediate updates
  • Safer data sharing

Italian Utility - Augmented Reality Module

Use of Augmented Reality for the management of maintenance activities

One of our main customers, an Italian leading company in the transportation and supply of natural gas, is a precursor in the use of Augmented Reality to support the operating processes carried out by the maintenance staff. Through the solution adopted, it is possible to view the company data on the tablet in cartographic mode and to display underground/hidden assets with the corresponding information (attributes, position, technical datasheets, plant framework), to be possibly edited by the operator thanks to dedicated editing and sharing tools.

Key elements:

  • App integrated with the Field Service Management features and with the company GIS services
  • Feature to display and access the data concerning the assets
  • Advanced editing and redlining features
  • Tracking and positioning features, to detect plants located in sites which are hard to reach